Cloudflare Workers: Edge caching anonymous requests

Granted my site is pretty small, but speed drastically improved after setting up Cloudflare edge caching: In this Cloudflare Blog Post titled ‘Caching Anonymous Page Views’ it is outlined that you can cache anonymous page views on their edge servers and bypass any edge caches with certain cookies: Cloudflare is determined to help website administrators boost the performance of their websites. From today, Cloudflare users on our Business plan will gain a previously Enterprise-only Page Rule option, “Bypass Cache on Cookie”. When used in conjunction with a “Cache Everything” Page Rule, this setting allows for websites to cache the HTML… Continue Reading

On celebrating life and mourning loss

Many of us sadly learned yesterday of the death of a friend, colleague, husband, son, and wonderful human. You spend a great deal of time with people whom you work alongside. Quirks, qualities, values, thoughts are all transferred between people in every day conversation and it’s easy to become very fond of the people you work with. Nigel died whilst riding his motorcycle, something I learned was one of his great passions in life shortly after meeting him. I do not know the details and have come to the conclusion that they are not necessary at this moment. From what… Continue Reading